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Rawhide - Season 8

The season begins again through a series of powerful events, where in short the men encounter Roddy Chiricahua Indians led by a white head. Against the advice of his men, Rowdy employs them to help drive the herd to the river for some cattle. Not sure of his new hands adding a band from Bunny to the intrigue. On the other hand, Rowdy makes a deal to buy horses from the Gufflers. When he finds that the horses are of poor quality and wants to recover his money, Joffler wants her money. She takes my hostage hostage threatening to hang him at sunset if you do not get $ 3000.
Duration: 50 min
Quality: SD
Release: 1965
IMDb: 8
Keywords:  #Charles Marquis Warren #Clint Eastwood #Columbia Broadcasting System #Paul Brinegar #Rawhide - Season 8 #Steve Raines
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